Impulse Fishing Rod Company

Impulse Fishing Rod’s The Birth of a Company – Impulse Fishing Rods, established in January 2014, is a new line of fishing rods in a market filled with everything from high end favorites, to high production clone rods the big box stores stock the shelves with. So how are they any different than what’s out there?

First, Impulse Original Series Fishing Rods are American built. The company is located in Magnolia TX. They believe in the American dream and making a quality product at affordable prices right here in America.

Second, Impulse Rods didn’t want to bring in and relabel established production products which is often done in startup companies. Rather, they worked hard to secure contracts with existing, well established rod companies to build private label rods for them. This generated needed cash flow and networking to not only keep the lights on, but equally important, find quality reliable sources for production while ironing out in-house growing pains.

Third, the starting focus wasn’t to move as many rods as possible or create a huge selection of different named rods while the company with still in its infancy. Expected rod action, length and technique requests were thought out and built under the Company Name and known only as Impulse Rods. This allowed the company not only to grow and adapt as the market dictates but maybe even more importantly assisted in branding the company name Impulse Fishing Rods. Customers didn’t have to remember or research rod X/Y/Z because there was but one rod–The Impulse Rod.

Now known as the Impulse Original Series

At Impulse Fishing Brion and Lance put extreme effort and time into every rod they make. Every Impulse rod is designed and crafted with premium materials and components. They believe in quality craftsmanship and putting in the time to build an American made rod without cutting any corners. This isn’t just a moto or slogan; it’s my belief they have and continue to create the very best rod in its class.

Impulse Original Series Rods

Each Impulse Original Series rod starts off with a very light weight and sensitive blank made with a blend of high-intermediate modulus Toray graphite. They custom fit each high-density EVA foam handle to fit perfectly. Why EVA and not cork? As I’ve stated, they have been in the business for years and believe EVA has proven to hold up better in function and ascetics over the life of the rod. They also use Fuji components and guides; Fuji has proven themselves time and time again to be the best in the industry. Castings rods feature a Fuji ECS exposed trigger reel seat and Spinning rods utilize a DPSM 17mm reel seat. Both seats are cut down to provide more access to the blank in front of the reel seat. They then cap the end with a Fuji metalized plastic winding check and finally an upgraded gloss black hood. The Fuji tangle free guides are stainless steel frames with Alconite inserts. Again, these have been chosen for their time-tested durability. All rods are built with slightly larger than the standard guide train compared to other micros on the market. This is for the angler allowing them the use of larger monofilament, fluorocarbon, and leader knots to pass through the guides with ease.

Impulse ENERGY Series Rods

The ENERGY series rods are built for serious anglers who want a high quality product designed with them in mind. Made with a prepreg that features a high strain, mid-modulus carbon fiber. It is blended with low resin content and a thin scrim cloth to create a low fiber area weight material that has a high concentration of carbon fiber. Featuring grade A cork handles and Fuji ECS exposed trigger reel seats for added sensitivity and all day long comfort. The ENERGY Series rods are built with high quality materials using the most advanced technology to give you everything you need in a rod for a price that won’t break the bank.

ENERGY Series Features:

  • Proprietary prepreg and low resin content combined to create durable and sensitive blanks
  • Exclusive Kigan 3D design guides for durability and weight reduction
  • Kigan polished stainless steel guide frames with COALITE ceramic rings
  • Quality Fuji blank exposed reel seat for added sensitivity
  • EVA mini fore grip for added comfort
  • When talking with Lance Stringer and Brion Hastings, the pride they have in Impulse Fishing shines. They are every day anglers who love the sport and what they do. Their goal is putting the finest rods they can in the hands of other anglers who love fishing as much as they do. Between the two they have 26 years marketing and building fishing rods experience. Impulse built and sold their five thousandth rod in 2015. With this increased growth, they began the next stage of the company with the release of the ENERGY Series Rod and the Zell Rowland signature rods in 2016.The Zell Rowland signature is available in both the Original series as well as the Energy series and in 2017 they announced the brand-new Randy Haynes Signature Series Ledge Rods.

    So, while the company might be young, Impulse Fishing is on the move with Lance Stringer and Brion Hastings leading the company into a bright future. I’m proud to have them as friends and look forward to sharing additional information and rod reviews in the future.

    See You On the Water!
    Ronald S. “Fogy” Fogelson, MSgt USAF (Ret)
    Impulse Fishing Rods/Okuma Reels/El Grande Lures