Bo PetruBo Petru

After meeting Lance and Brion I took a chance and bought a couple of rods from them right when they started their business. I have since changed out all my other name brand rods with Impulse Rods. You can’t beat the quality and precision these rods are built to and with the best customer service you will find anywhere. IMPULSE STRONG!!!!
Katy, TX

William O’BanionWilliam O’Banion

Couldn’t be any happier to be using Impulse Rods and to represent such a great company. Quality and customer service are of the highest priority, which is exactly what you should expect in a handcrafted in the USA company from people who have been building custom rods for many years. This is a company that will treat you more like a friend than a customer and will ensure that you are 100% satisfied with their products. If you are looking for a rod that is extremely sensitive for any technique I would highly recommend give Impulse Rods a try. You will not regret it!
William O’Banion
Muskegon, MI

Rob BoginRob Bogin

Having fished Impulse Rods exclusively for the past two years I can say these are some of the finest Rods made today, bar none!! I have fished them all, Loomis, Doybns, Megabass and so on. But there isn’t a rod that compares. When I first picked up my first Impulse Rod it sat perfectly in my hand without an imbalance or imperfection. Guides aligned, wraps beautifully wound, reel seats that were spot on. When I paired them with my reels they really came alive. Wow....... it takes a lot to impress me with a rod, but Impulse Rods are sensitive, light... but not overly light, actions are spot on and they balance like a tight wire artist!!!

Ok what more could I say about a rod. Well they are American made, by great people in Texas, Brion and Lance. So why get a three or four hundred dollar rod from another manufacturer and still not have the quality that you could be getting for less money and support great Americans. I’m all in with a Impulse Rods and will be until I’m too old to throw a lure. Tight lines!!

Rob Bogin
SoCal Drop Shot Specialist

Steve RobinsonSteve Robinson

From top to bottom Impulse is the best rod out there. From the great people who strive to build the best rod they can. To the finish product in my rod locker. The sensitivity and power of these rods is mind blowing. Whether I’m flipping thick grass or drop shotting in 40ft of water, I know my best chances of putting those fish in the boat with that Impulse rod in my hand.

Steve Robinson
Ashland, MA

Ray LongRay Long

A fishing rod made for anything and everything. Impulse rods was created a few years ago by two great guys right here in the good ole USA. I have used just about every rod on the market and I will say that Impulse rods are the best that I have found and the customer service is unbeatable. I know that there are a bunch of good rods out there but it all comes down to blanks, craftsmanship, knowledge and service and that's where Impulse rods becomes the leader. I bought one of their rods when they first started making them to give it a try and now I own several of them and probably will own several more. To me the sensitivity is at the top of the line and most times you lose back bone to gain that much sensitivity, but not in these rods. If you love fishing as I do, you owe it to yourself to get a Impulse rod, you will not be disappointed I guarantee. Give Lance or Brion a call and start your new friendship.
Ray Long
Bay Minette, AL

David CopelandDavid Copeland

Impulse rods are hands down the best rods I’ve ever fished. They are sensitive and lightweight. You can really feel when a fish picks up on your bait. They are very strong, durable rods. They balance well with the light weight reels that are out there. Their reel seat is rock solid. My favorite one of theirs is the 7’3” Heavy Extra Fast IMP73HXF . I love to fish heavy cover both flipping and with a frog. With this rod you can do both. It’s heavy enough to always keep you in control of the fish and very sensitive so you don’t miss out on bites flipping. If your looking for a great rod give them a try.
You won’t want to use any others after you fish the Impulse Rods.

Shawn ButlerShawn Butler

Lance Stringer and Brion Hastings are producing the best rods on the market. With customer service to match. I have no doubt once you put an impulse in your hand it will be the only fishing rod you will ever want to fish with. Proud to be a part of the impulse family.

Ryan IsaacksRyan Isaacks

I have used just about every brand of rod on the market and Impulse Rods are my favorite rods by a country mile. The attention to detail, the quality, sensitivity and outstanding customer service are just part of what you get when you buy an Impulse Rod. These guys have absolutely mastered the rod building craft and they are made in the USA unlike so many rods on the market now that are mass produced in China. I guarantee if try one it will not disappoint and you will be trying to decide on your next model.

Calvin BalchCalvin Balch

My name is Calvin Balch, and if you are reading this then you are on the right page to make all your wildest fishing dreams come true. I have been on the Impulse Rods pro staff for coming up on 3 years and I fish the Bassmaster Central Opens and other tournaments close to the Houston area. I have been fishing most of my life and I have never been afraid to throw money at my favorite hobby. If you have a favorite rod that's sold in stores, I have probably owned one and my advice is to sell them and replace them with Impulse. When Lance and Brion were gracious enough to bring me on their pro staff, I had a rod locker full of the good stuff you buy at stores. Duckett's, Abu Garcia's, Falcon's, Skeet Reese's, etc. My plan was to pick up an Impulse rod here and there and slowly switch over until I fished it. Within 2 weeks of owning my first Impulse rod I had sold my assortment of "high end" rods and rolled that money into more Impulse rods. If I enter a tournament, I am playing to win and I want to fish whatever gives me the best chance. When it comes to rods, Impulse does that. I can honestly say the Impulse rods have made me a better angler. I feel things I didn't feel before, most notably with my finesse rod which was always a weakness in the past. Drop shotting hasn't become a favorite technique by any means, but if that's the bite I can compete now. And if its a frog bite, you're fishing for second place. The IMP73XHF is the best frog rod on the market. It has a fast tip that will sling a frog as far as you want to, or skip it, and will allow you to work a frog the way it should be worked, but enough backbone to get the big fish up and out of the nasty stuff. Or the occasional gator if you aren't paying attention in practice. There just isn't a bad rod in the Impulse line up. Give Lance and Brion a chance to earn your business and I am positive you will be a satisfied customer.


The Fishing Pride Of Porter Texas
Calvin Balch

Shawn Grant

Dollar for Dollar Impulse are by far the best Rods I have ever put in my Boat. The quality and engineering of these rods is far and above anything else I've seen.

Mark BarnesMark Barnes

As a guide and tournament fisherman, I rely on my equipment. Impulse Rods are the finest rods that I have had the privilege of using. A perfect combination of strength and sensitivity. I am very proud to be associated with the team at Impulse Rods! Try one and see, you will not be disappointed.

Joe Champion

My wife and I LOVE our Impulse Fishing Rods. The Zell Rowland Top Water Rod is my favorite rod on the boat. You can throw top water, jerk baits and small crank baits on it. Great feel and easy to fish. They are American made by some great guys in Texas

Tyler RoossienTyler Roossien

I’m very proud to support an all American rod company in Impulse rods. They provide the finest quality rods I have ever used. Impulse combines the best of both worlds in the fishing rod market, the sensitivity you need and the strength you can count on. I have never been more confident on the water!
Newaygo Michigan

Bradley EnfingerBradley Enfinger

Two friends set out to use their rod building experience to engineer a quality line of American made tournament grade rods and what they produced was perfection! Colquitt, GA

Clay ShipeClay Shipe

Impulse Rods. The meanest damn rods on the planet, backed by top notch service excellence. Bar none. Its the only rod I trust. Grapevine TX

Tim CookTim Cook

It's sure is nice to see an affordable, high quality rod can still be made in America. Lance and Brion have years of experience and attention to detail that is second to none. I highly recommend you take a serious look at Impulse Rods when spending your hard earned money. They are worth every penny.

Richard BeltRichard Belt

By far the very best rods on the market, more sensitive, lighter and stronger than any I've ever seen. The men behind the rods are taking care of business and their customers like should be done every where. Great

Dan OnstotDan Onstot

Greatest rods I've ever used! They're solid rods with a strong backbone without sacrificing sensitivity. Brion and Lance were very helpful in helping me choose the rods I needed; they truly know their craft. Pick one up today and you'll immediately understand the difference between a hand made custom rod and something you buy at the big box store. Can't wait to see what they come out with next! Keep up the good work guys!

Will O’BanionWill O’Banion

This is my first year after switching to all impulse rods. So glad I made the switch, hands down the best rods I've ever used and best customer service you can get. Extremely light and extremely sensitive! Actions on every rod are true as well.