6’8″ Zell Rowland Topwater Rod

The 6’8″ topwater rod was designed by Zell Rowland to throw almost any topwater bait or jerkbait in the market.

“If you’re looking for the greatest topwater angler of all time, look no further than Zell Rowland; just ask Rick Clunn, Roland Martin, Bill Dance, Denny Brauer and Kevin VanDam — they all said the same thing” (quote from Ken Duke of Bassmaster)



6'8 Zell Rowland Topwater Rod

SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES Topwater, Small Crankbaits, Jerkbaits
ACTION Moderate
GUIDES Kigan polished stainless steel frames with COALITE inserts
LINE RATING 8 - 17 lb test
LURE RATING 1/4 - 5/8 oz
REEL SEAT Fuji ECS exposed trigger reel seat
HOOK HANGER Stainless steel open ended.

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1 review for 6’8″ Zell Rowland Topwater Rod

  1. Calvin Balch

    If you’re shopping bass rods then I don’t need to tell you Zell is a topwater legend. If he puts his name on a rod it’s going to be the best. There’s not a better rod on the market for poppers, walking baits and other treble hooked topwaters. And as a bonus it’s an amazing rod for smaller crankbaits. Pick one up. You’ll be glad you did

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