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Jason Vance Professional Bass Angler

Professional Tournament Angler: Jason Vance

Major League Fishing - Invitational


Professional Tournament Angler: Randy Haynes

Bass fishing has been a passion of Haynes since he was a child; submerging himself in the sport not only made sense but it is safe to say it runs in his bloodline. He has mastered the Tennessee River System specializingin offshore fishing; 90 percent of his top-10 finishes have taken place there yet he has continued to successfully expand his success by excelling on unexpected fisheries such as Okeechobee & Lake Eufaula. Having a solid 2017 season fishing the Costa FLW Series; Southeastern & Central – Haynes has rejoined the 2018 FLW Tour in hopes to fish his way to The Forrest Wood Cup.

Off the water, Haynes has run a successful business for over 20 years and he is a very proud husband and father of two. He has an impressive social media following and manages to engage with his followers through out the year as his brand grows.

To find out more about Randy Haynes visit his socials: IG @randyhaynesfish & FB @randyhaynesfishing or website:, see you on the water!

Zell Rowland

Professional Tournament Angler: Zell Rowland

According to Rowland, Rebel’s Pop-R debuted nearly three decades ago to little fanfare. “Guys went to the tackle shop, and to them they looked like every other chugger bait on the market,” he says. “In 1986 I won a BASS Super Invitational in Chattanooga with it, then everyone wanted one. When they got them, they said, ‘Hell, this ain’t like anything out there.’ The sound and the action they make is unlike any other chug bait.”


Lake Fork Trophy Bass Fishing Guide: Lance Vick

Since 1995 Lance has been sharing world Famous Lake Fork with Clients from around the world,From 1998 to 2013 Lance competed on the Bassmaster,Professional anglers association and Flw Tour,winning the Toyota Bass Classic on Lake Fork 2008 was a memorable highlight, Now enjoying raising three children,guiding night time hog hunts ,designing lures and helping company’s like Impulse rods develop products on the testing grounds of Lake Fork.

Years ago when I joined Impulse Rods Lance Stringer told me he is building a old school rod that was built to last I was Sold,I guide five days a week from February to November that’s two of my clients using Impulse rods 8 plus hours a day in all conditions with all techniques,It would be hard to find someone that puts more hours on rods than we do in my Skeeter Impulse rods handle the pressure and big fish with ease,Thanks Impulse Rods for making the tools to put my clients on the biggest bass of their lives.

Good fishin All ~Lance Vick