Freshwater and Saltwater Spinning Rods

Throw light lures with spinning rods that offer first in class sensitivity and are extremely powerful with the backbone to handle big fish. Impulse performance spinning rods are designed for both freshwater and saltwater anglers looking for technique specific rods. From topwaters and finesse fishing for bass to inshore rods for popping corks and live bait, we've got a spinning rod for every type of angler and fishery. 

A versatile tool, Impulse spinning rods allow anglers to caster further and more accurate, but are designed with a strong yet sensitive blank so you not only feel every bite, but have the hook setting power to land fish. Put that in a lightweight rod with great balance and handle comfort and you've got a rod you can fish all day with.

Performance Spinning Rods 

Our mission is to build anglers the best bass fishing rods in America utilizing cutting edge technology. We design our spin fishing rods to last and help you land more fish. From the boat to the bank, Impulse Rods has you covered. We are very proud to be making these fishing rods right here in Magnolia, Texas!