Best Inshore Fishing Rods

The Impulse Salt Series Rods make for the best inshore rods around! Assembled in the USA, The Salt Series™ inshore fishing rods are technique specific to inshore wade fisherman! From the Texas coast to the Florida coast, saltwater anglers are geared up with their favorite inshore fishing rods for redfish, speckled trout, and similar inshore game fish using our Impulse Salt Series Fishing Rods.

Impulse Saltwater Fishing Rods

Featured Inshore Fishing Rod: Salt Series 7′ Medium Casting Rod

The Impulse Salt Series puts exceptional performance rods in your hands at an affordable price. The 7′ Medium Casting Rod from our Salt Series is a must-have in your arsenal. If you are only going to carry one rod, the SS70M is the one. This incredibly versatile rod is great in the boat or while you are wading, Whether you are fishing for trout, reds, or flounder. whether you want to throw a topwater as far as possible or soft plastics on a jig or popping cork. This rod is sure to be one of your favorites.

Tips for inshore fishing the flats. . .

  • Live bait works wonders. (One of the best all-around live baits for inshore fishing is the pinfish.)
  • Wade fishing can be one of the best ways to fish because you can easily sneak up on feeding fish. (No hull slap, loud motors, or dropping things on the deck.)
  • A fishing knot can make or break your day. . . One of the most critical fishing knots for inshore fishing is the connection from your braided line to your leader line.
  • You don’t need to go any further than knee to waist deep.
  • Some of the biggest fish will be in just inches of water and within a couple of feet of the shoreline, especially if there is structure or a swash channel.