Impulse ENERGY Series Bass Fishing Rods

Impulse Rods offers cutting-edge bass fishing rods in both spinning and casting models designed to elevate your angling experience. Crafted with precision and engineered for superior performance. Our ENERGY Series rods are the perfect companion for the avid bass fishing angler seeking both power and finesse from a high-quality fishing rod that doesn't break the bank.

Our freshwater casting and spinning rods boast a lightweight yet robust construction, that is made from a proprietary prepreg and low resin content. This combination creates a very durable and sensitive rod blank that offers bass fishing anglers unparalleled accuracy and casting distance, making it easier to hit where you're trying to cast.

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Whether you're a tournament angler, kayak angler, a beginner bass fisherman, or just enjoying a leisurely day on the water, our freshwater fishing rods are meticulously crafted to meet the demands of both professional anglers and hobby anglers. Elevate your fishing game and conquer the lakes and rivers with confidence - choose Impulse spinning and casting rods for an unrivaled angling experience.

Impulse ENERGY Series Bass Fishing Pole Features.

Made with a prepreg that features a high strain, mid-modulus carbon fiber. These lightweight fishing rods are blended with low resin content and a thin scrim cloth to create a low fiber area weight material that has a high concentration of carbon fiber.

  • Proprietary prepreg and low resin content combined to create durable and sensitive blanks.
  • SeaGuide Tangle Free SS Frames with LS Ceramic Inserts (Braid Proof).
  • Quality blank exposed reel seat for added sensitivity (Casting Rod Models).
  • EVA mini foregrip for added comfort (Spinning Rod Models).
  • Grade A cork handles.

ENERGY Series lightweight bass rods weigh differently depending on the rod length and model.

Things to consider when buying a bass fishing rod.

What rod power do you need? Depending on which technique and style of fishing you plan to do will determine what power rod you need. The power of a rod is how much pressure it takes to bend the rod blank. Lighter powered rods bend a lot easier than heavier power rods.

Which rod action suits your angling style? Slower action rods will react slower than your moderate to fast action fishing rods. Depending on what type of fish you are targeting, and what fishing lures you are using will determine what rod action you need. Note: A moderate to slow action means it bends further down in the blank. If it's fast, it reacts quick and flexes quick in the tip. If you would like to know more about fishing rod action and how it plays into selecting the right bass fishing rod, click here.

What rod taper do I need? All rod tapers are not created equal. If a rod has a fast taper, it will typically have a small tip, thickening quicker into the blank for more back bone. A fast-tapering rod will work well while Texas rigged, fished with Carolina rigged worms and a variety of jig presentations.

If you are looking for a technique specific rod, you can view and search our ENERGY Series rods here by the fishing techniques that you prefer. 

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