​Why do we use exposed reel seats?

Aug 8th 2023

​Why do we use exposed reel seats?

So that you FEEL EVERY BITE! Our mission at Impulse Rods is to build you the ultimate bass fishing rod. Whether you’re a weekend angler, fishing local tournaments or on the MLF Tour, missing a fish can be the difference between a missed payday or a full belly.

So, how does the exposed reel seat on our fishing rods add sensitivity? Without having the unnecessary threads sticking out when your reel is tightened down, it allows for more rod blank exposure optimizing the amount of finger contact, resulting in added sensitivity.

We’ve also eliminated the foregrip that dampens and reduces vibrations that travel down the rod blank through the grip and into your fingers and hand.

Don’t worry, they’re still insanely strong fishing rods with plenty of backbone. We just built them so they are ultralight and comfortable in the hand so you can fish all day with the confidence that you will FEEL EVERY BITE on the end of your line!