What is fishing rod action?

May 29th 2023

What is fishing rod action?

What is a rods action? And how to choose correctly.

The action of a fishing rod is best described as how much and where the rod bends when pressure is applied to the tip. Slower action rods will react slower than your moderate to fast action fishing rods. Depending on what type of fish you are targeting, and what fishing lures you are using will determine what rod action you need.

A moderate to slow action means it bends further down in the blank, think of a big rainbow bend. If it’s fast, it reacts quick and flexes quick in the tip.

Extra Fast Action Rods: These rods will have a very sensitive tip and the rod will shut down very quickly transferring over to the power of the rod.

Fast Action Rods: These rods have a more progressive tip with a balanced and solid backbone.

Moderate Fast Action Rods: These rods have a deeper bend than the fast action rod.

Moderate Action Rods: These rods are referred to as slow action rods, and have a much deeper bend down towards the handle.

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Still not sure what rod action you need? Try searching for a fishing rods by the technique or the lures you will be using (freshwater / saltwater). If you still have questions don't hesitate to contact us at office@impulserods.com