ENERGY Series 7'2" Med/Heavy Casting Rod

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The best rod for Texas rigs, shakey heads, spinnerbaits, and worms. The ENERGY Series 7'2" Med/Heavy Casting Rod is a great budget fishing rod for anglers looking for 1st in class performance.
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ENERGY Series 7'2" Medium/Heavy Casting Rod

The ENERGY Series rods are built for serious anglers who want a high quality product designed with them in mind. Made with a prepreg that features a high strain, mid-modulus carbon fiber. It is blended with low resin content and a thin scrim cloth to create a low fiber area weight material that has a high concentration of carbon fiber.

What is a 7'2" Medium/Heavy Casting Rod good for throwing?

Impulse ENERGY Series 7'2" Medium Heavy Spinning Rods are great for the following bass fishing lures.

Take your fishing to the next level with the Impulse ENERGY Series 7'2" Medium Heavy Spinning Rod – a customer favorite that excels in performance and durability. 

Impulse 7'2" Medium/Heavy Casting Rod Specs

SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES: Shakey Head, Spinner Bait, Weightless Worm, Texas Rig
POWER RATING: Medium-Heavy
GUIDES: SeaGuide Tangle Free SS Frames With LS Ceramic Inserts (Braid Proof)
LINE RATING: 8-15 lb test
LURE RATING: 1/8 - 5/8 oz lure
TOTAL ROD WEIGHT: 3.5 oz or 98g
REEL SEAT: ECS exposed trigger reel seat
HOOK HANGER: Stainless steel open ended


  • 5
    Energy Series Rod

    Posted by Tony Valdes on Jul 28th 2023

    It's a great rod,well built, fits my hand perfectly.

  • 5
    Energy Series 7'2" Med/Heavy Casting Rod

    Posted by Jeremy Bedell on Oct 21st 2022

    This was meant to be set up for a finesse rod, but I instantly realized this great for a multi-purpose rod.

  • 5
    7,2 medium/heavy multipurpose rod

    Posted by Jeremy Baker on Mar 8th 2022

    This is by far the best all around rod I have ever used. From spinner baits and chatter baits to Texas rigs and weightless, this rod has the backbone for it all. Highly recommend.

  • 5

    Posted by Bobby Conley on Jan 3rd 2022

    love these poles - super well made

  • 5
    7’2” Med/Hvy casting rod

    Posted by Robert Reeves on Jun 16th 2021

    I could talk about the fish that these rods have caught, but I want to take a different approach. All the lakes in Texas are flooded right now, so that means flipping bushes!! With 60lb braid and being snagged I have said to myself more times then actually catching fish, “ Well I can’t get to that lure, so I am probably about to break a rod trying to get this out.” I am too lazy to cut it plus it leaves a lot of extra line floating around for others to snag, or destroy equipment. Surprisingly I have broke them off with my Minkotta Ultrex on 10 and never even hair line fractured a rod. If I wasn’t already married I would be proposing to the Owner of Impulse Rods. On second thought do you need a side dude? Lol!

  • 5

    Posted by Scott Forrest on Jan 26th 2021

    Love the color! I also like how light the rod weighs. Great handle and the action is awesome.

  • 5
    Awesome Rods

    Posted by TJ Heutzenroeder on Jan 1st 2021

    Quality is great. The eyes such high quality. These are not basic assembly line rods.

  • 5

    Posted by TJ Heutzenroeder on Jan 1st 2021

    Very pleased with the quality. The spine is super strong. Love the fuji eyes and eye mount quality.

  • 5
    Energy 7’2’ MH rod

    Posted by Clyde Williams on Oct 23rd 2020

    This has to be one of the most versatile and sensitive rods in its class. It will allow you to feel that bite when the fish are not aggressive and will land that hog that almost jerk the rod out of you hand. You cannot go wrong with this rod at this price.