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Buzzbait, Chatterbait, and Spinnerbait Rods

Impulse spinnerbait rods are designed for spinning reels and baitcasting reels, so you can fish the way you want. Our spinnerbait fishing rods are offered in medium to heavy, rod actions from moderate to X-fast and rod lengths from 6' 3" to 7' 3". Retrieve your spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and chatterbaits with a rod you can trust, get your Impulse Rods today!

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Spinnerbaits are such productive lures because they can be fished in so many ways. Simply put you can cover the water column from top to bottom when fishing a spinnerbait. This certainly allows you to work around the time aspect, as in when fish are deep and when fish are shallow or in between.

Featured Rod: 7’0″ Zell Rowland Spinnerbait Rod

Zell Rowland Spinnerbait Rod for all of your spinnerbait needs. We have spared no expense in creating the very best rod in its class. Our Impulse Original Series rods start off with a very light weight and sensitive blank that is made with a blend of high-intermediate modulus Toray graphite. Then we custom fit every high density EVA foam handle to fit perfectly.



Buzzbait, Spinnerbait Fishing Rod FAQS

What action is best for spinnerbait rods?

Fast action rods are great for spinnerbaits when fishing heavy cover. Medium / Fast action rods are going to suit you better for longer casts in open water.

What rod length is best for spinnerbaits?

Fishing rods around 7' tend to be the sweet spot for spinnerbaits as they are short enough to allow you to pitch into thick cover but long enough to give you distance on casts in open water.

Can I use a shorter rod for spinnerbaits?
Yes, shorter rods are great for pitching and fishing heavy cover and casting shorter distances. They are also beneficial to kayak fisherman as they are casting from a seated position.
What power rod is best for spinnerbaits?

This will depend on where you are fishing. Heavy power rods will be better suited for heavy cover, where medium / heavy will be better in open water with less structure or cover.

Are baitcasting rods or spinning rods better for spinnerbaits?

Both spinning rods and baitcasting rods work great for spinnerbaits. This is more personal choice and which one you can cast further and with more accuracy.

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