Best Baits For Summer Bass Fishing

May 3rd 2023

Best Baits For Summer Bass Fishing

Whether you are off work for extended time, out of school for the summer or just looking to spend the warm days on the water, summertime is great for bass fishing. Not sure which bass lures will help you land the most fish? No worries, we’ve outlined some proven bass baits below to help you produce more bites and hopefully land more fish on those hot summer days.

There are several types of bait that can work well on largemouth and smallmouth bass during the summer months. Which bass lure is the best will depend on the specific location and weather conditions you are fishing in. Below we’ve listed a few options you can consider along with some quick tips on how to fish them.

  • Topwater Lures
  • Spinnerbaits
  • Soft Plastics
  • Crankbaits

Topwater lures for bass in the summer.

Topwater lures such as poppers, frogs and buzzbaits can be extremely effective in the early morning or late evening when the water is cooler. These lures create surface disturbance that can attract bass and trigger a strike. Lots of fisherman will target this time of day to specifically fish these types of lures for the “topwater action”.

Tips for fishing topwaters in the summer.

  • Topwaters are the most effective during low-light conditions, such as early morning or late evening, when the water is cooler, and the bass are more active.
  • Consider the size and color of the lure, as well as the type of action it creates on the water.
  • When fishing topwater lures, it's important to create a consistent and steady retrieve that keeps the lure on the surface of the water. This will create a wake that can attract the attention of nearby bass.
  • Try varying your retrieve speed or pausing the lure intermittently to create a more erratic action that can entice bass to strike.
  • Focus your efforts around weed beds, fallen trees, and other areas where bass may be hiding. 

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Spinnerbaits for summertime bass fishing.

Spinnerbaits can be a good choice for fishing in and around cover such as weeds or fallen trees. They create a lot of vibration and flash that can get a bass's attention.

Tips for fishing spinnerbaits for bass in summer months.

  • Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and blade combinations (Colorado, Willow, or Indiana). You’ve got options here for various fishing conditions.
  • Spinnerbaits are most effective when fished around cover such as weed beds, fallen trees, or rock piles. Vary your retrieval speed and depth until you find where the fish are feeding.
  • Slower retrieves are going to be more effective when the water is cooler, while a faster retrieve works better at triggering strikes when the water temps are warmer.
  • Since spinnerbaits have been known to cause misses. Utilizing a trailer hook can increase your chances at landing summer bass.
  • Pay attention to changes in weather and water temperature and adjust accordingly as mentioned above.

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Using soft plastics for summer bass.

Soft plastics such as worms and creature baits can be rigged weedless and fished slowly through cover or along the bottom. These soft plastic baits can be effective in the heat of the day when the bass may be more lethargic and not willing to chase faster-moving baits.

Tips for soft plastic summer fishing.

  • With so many soft plastic baits on the market, consider the size, color, and action of the bait, as well as the depth and cover you will be fishing.
  • Dependent on the soft plastic bait you’re fishing with, you can rig it in a variety of ways such as Texas rigs, Carolina rigs, weightless, or drop shot rigs. If fishing cover, make sure your bait is rigged weedless to avoid snagging.
  • Soft plastics require a slower retrieve that allows the bait to sink and move naturally and can be extremely effective in deep water around structure.
  • Like other baits for bass in the summer, varying your presentation by changing speed, pauses and twitches will help entice larger bass.
  • As always, keep an eye out for signs of baitfish activity, such as surface disturbance or jumping fish, and adjust your presentation accordingly.
  • If you experience changes in water temperature and clarity, you may change up the baits you are throwing.

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Crankbaits for bass fishing summer.

Crankbaits can be a good choice for fishing deeper water or structure such as drop-offs or ledges. They can imitate baitfish and can be fished at a variety of depths.

Tips for fishing crankbaits in the summertime for bass.

  • Like other bass fishing lures, crankbaits vary in size, color, and diving depths. You are going to want to pick a lure best suited for the water clarity, cover, and depth of water you’ll be fishing.
  • Experiment with different retrieval speeds until you find the sweet spot the bass are looking for. Slow retrieves are typically more effective when the water is cooler, and bass are lethargic and faster retrieves for warmer, more active fish.
  • Try bouncing your crankbaits off the bottom to imitate the movement of baitfish or crawfish.
  • Rods with a sensitive tip can help you feel the vibration of the crankbait as it moves through the water. These technique specific rods will ensure the bait has the most action and doesn’t wear out the angler after throwing them all day. They also have softer actions to keep the bait from being thrown by the fish.

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As always, it is important to experiment with different baits and techniques to see what works best for the specific body of water you are fishing. Bass can be finicky so treat them as so, don’t be afraid to change up lures, retrieval methods, speed, or depth if things aren’t going your way.