Deep Diving Crankbait Rods

The postspawn period signals the start of deep cranking since bass suspend in deep water and start feeding on shad. Knowing the ins an outs of the spawn is essential to fishing crankbaits. When the summertime heat is on, a deep-diving crankbait provides some heavyweight bass action. Reeling a magnum-size, deep-diving crankbait all day can be physically demanding, but this technique’s potential for tricking big bass makes it worth the toil and trouble.

Depending on your personal preference for length and power, or an all graphite rod vs a glass graphite composite rod, we have a selection of deep cranking rods available for you.

Featured Rod: 7’9″ Heavy Glass Graphite Rod

The IMP79CBH is a 7’9″ Glass/Graphite Composite rod specifically designed for the deepest diving Crank baits on the market.