Medium Depth Crankbait Rods

Early prespawn bass can be taken on these crankbaits along the deepest part of a bluff and as the water continues to warm the other end of the bluff connecting to a flat becomes the best spot to crank. Medium divers hit their prime when prespawn bass move to chunk rock shorelines or transition areas where the banks change from big rocks to pea gravel. The fish tend to be on the last one or two deeper banks in the major creeks.

Impulse Fishing Rods

Featured Rod: 7'9" Medium Heavy Glass/Graphite Composite Cranking Rod

The IMP79CBMH is a 7'9″ Glass/Graphite Composite rod specifically designed for mid depth Crank baits that dive as deep as 20'. if you are looking for throwing deep diving Crank baits (20'+) check out our IMPCB79H.