Saltwater Popping Cork Fishing Rods

The Impulse Salt Series Rods are the best popping cork rods around! Assembled in the USA, The Salt Series™ popping cork rods are technique specific inshore fishing rods that are fish your favorite popping cork rig! From the Texas coast to the Florida coast, saltwater anglers are geared up with their favorite popping cork rigs for redfish, speckled trout, and similar inshore game fish using our Impulse Salt Series Fishing Rods.


Featured Rod: Salt Series 7’6″ Medium Spinning Rod

Beautifully designed for specific inshore techniques, the Impulse Salt Series puts exceptional performance rods in your hands at an affordable price. The 7’6″ Medium Spinning Rod from our Salt Series is perfect for inshore anglers looking to throw popping corks or live bait rig. The 7’6″ length paired with the advanced “IF” tangle-free guides will allow you to maximize your casts while not worrying about wind knots.

Tips for fishing saltwater popping corks. . .

  • For big redfish and other large game fish pursued with a popping float, the traditional concave top version is the ticket.
  • In calm waters, use a 3½-inch popping float to be more stealthy. When it’s choppy to rough, he ties on a 5-inch float to generate loud popping that ­permeates the surrounding water.
  • After the initial pop, it’s best to pause the retrieve, much like when working a topwater chugger.
  • Most strikes occur during the pause. So be ready…
  • Popping corks are effectively rigged with a variety of baits, both natural and artificial. Shrimp, mullet, menhaden, sardines, pinfish, pigfish and mud minnows are among the top live bait choices.