Impulse Quick Tips: Catching Bass with Frog Baits

Apr 25th 2023

Impulse Quick Tips: Catching Bass with Frog Baits

Frog fishing can be as simple or as complex as you want to make it. Designed to attract big bass feeding on frogs that move along the surface, frog baits can offer bass anglers the ultimate topwater fishing experience.

The aggression at which bass hit topwater frogs along with the power and speed is intense and offers bass fishing anglers an experience that can’t be had with other lures such as soft plastics or bladed baits.

Whether you prefer to walk it or pop it, the constant action you get with fishing topwater frog baits is unmatched. 

So, what does it take to catch big bass consistently with frog lures?

  • Choosing the right frog bait for the environment you’re fishing.
  • Fishing frog baits at the right times.
  • Properly rigging your topwater frog.
  • Selecting the right View Impulse Rods For Topwater Frog Lures.
  • Being stealthy and accurate.
  • Properly working your frog bait for the current environment.
  • Setting the hook properly.

Select the right frog bait for your fishing environment.

There are many types of frog baits on the market, with the most popular being hollow-body frogs, hard body frogs, and soft frogs. You’re going to need to choose a frog bait that matches the conditions of the water you are fishing, such as the depth and vegetation to hook big bass consistently.

Popular hollow body frog baits for bass fishing.

Popular soft body frog baits.

  • Bass Assassin Logger Toad
  • Berkley Power Pop Frog
  • Keitech Noisy Flapper Frog

Popular hard body frog lures.

  • LIVETARGET Frog Popper
  • Lunkerhunt Popping Bug
  • Rebel Buzz'n Frog Topwater Buzzbait

If fishing frog baits in open water or sparse grass, you can bend the hooks up 5 degrees give or take to create more hook gap between the body and hook allowing for better hook sets.

Impulse Frog Fishing Rod

Fishing frog baits at the right time.

Summertime is one of the best times to fish frog baits. With more vegetation and higher temps, anglers can easily target bass inhabiting thicker, heavy vegetation that offer them ample food and cooler temps. The “magic hour” as some call it, early mornings and late evenings are the best time for fishing topwater frog baits if you’re looking for big bass blow ups.

Rigging your frog bait properly.

Because frog baits are generally fished in heavy cover, make sure that you are adjusting your weedless hooks to ensure it is exposed just enough so that you are ready when the bass you’re targeting strikes.

Some  anglers prefer to trim their frog legs down to prevent fish from short striking their bait. You can also leave one leg longer than the other to help walk the frog back and forth.

Pick the right frog rod.

When fishing frog baits for bass, you’re going to want to use a medium-heavy or heavy-action rod with a fast or extra-fast action. Pair this with a high gear ratio reel and some strong braided line and you’ve got the ultimate heavy cover bass fishing setup.

Our most popular topwater frog rods.

Be stealthy and accurate.

Cast your frog bait towards cover or structure where the bass may be feeding, such as lily pads, weed beds, or logs. Avoid making a lot of noise when casting and try to land your bait as softly as possible.

Work your frog bait correctly.

After accurately casting your topwater frog next to that lily pad you’ve been eyeing, let it sit for 2 to 4 seconds to let the ripples dissipate. At this point you can start to retrieve your bait slowly to simulate a frog swimming. With topwater lures, you’re going to want to pause your bait every few seconds to mimic a real frog and to give the bass a chance to strike.

Popular topwater retrieval methods.

  • Popping
  • Walking

Set the hook!

As simple as this sounds, many anglers, especially novices, can struggle with setting the hook too early after a bass strikes. Wait a second or two before setting the hook to give the bass time to fully take the bait into its mouth. Once you feel the weight of the bass on your line, set the hook firmly by pulling the rod up and to the side.

Once you catch a big bass on a frog, odds are you won’t want to another lure for a while. Utilize these tips with your own tactics to reel in the big fish this summer. Remember, patience, persistence and technique is key.