7’3″ Heavy / Extra Fast Casting Rod

Our number one selling rod because of its versatility. First, if you are looking for a rod that has the perfect balance between a fast tip and a lot of backbone, look no further. Deemed “the frog rod” it has the perfect tip for loading up and casting a frog further than you have ever thrown one and just enough tip to allow you to work a frog with optimum action. Football jigs, flipping baits, Texas rigs, swim jigs in heavy cover and even plopper type baits are also highly recommended lures for this rod. Most of our customers have more than one on their deck.
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7'3 Heavy/Xtra Fast Casting Rod

SUGGESTED TECHNIQUES Frogs, Swim Jigs, Football Head Jigs
ACTION Extra Fast
GUIDES Fuji tangle free stainless steel frames with Alconite inserts 9 + tip
LINE RATING 15 - 25lb test
LURE RATING 1/2 - 1 1/4 oz
TOTAL ROD WEIGHT 4.3 oz or 122 Grams
REEL SEAT Fuji ECS exposed trigger reel seat
HOOK HANGER Stainless steel open ended.

More From The Impulse Original Series

The Impulse Difference

We have spared no expense in creating the very best rod in its class. Our Impulse Original Series Rods start off with a very light weight and sensitive blank that is made with a blend of high-intermediate modulus Toray graphite. Then we custom fit each and every high density EVA foam handle to fit perfectly. EVA is proven to hold up better and look better over the duration of the life of the rod. We are proud to use Fuji components and guides which have proven themselves time and time again to be the best in the industry. Casting rods feature a Fuji ECS exposed trigger reel seat. we cut down our reel seats to provide more access to the blank in front of the reel seat. We cap the end with a Fuji metalized plastic winding check and finally an upgraded gloss black hood. The guides on these rods are, you guessed it. Fuji tangle free stainless steel frames with Alconite inserts. These guides are dependable and durable. The guide train is slightly larger than a standard micro guide rod, allowing larger mono or flouro as well as leader knots to pass through with ease. We are very proud to be making these fishing rods right here in Magnolia, Texas! And we appreciate our customers supporting an American company!

FUJI KB Belly Guides

K-Series guide trains of all kinds have a few things in common. The specialized KB Guide, for example, is used as the choke point guide, mid-section and running guide in every K-Series guide train on the Impulse Original Series.

Documented high stress in mid-rod areas led Fuji to develop the big-footed KB "belly" guide. It is indispensable in taming torque stresses in the mid-rod section of casting rods.

FUJI K Series Tangle Free Guides

KW Double-Foot guides are part of Fuji’s flagship K-Series guide selection, now the most complete and advanced guide “family” in the Fuji arsenal. Impulse Rods uses K-Series guides for their tangle-free operation, incredible frame strength, superb ring retention and striking good looks. Using K-Series frames, from ultra-light high frame strippers K-Series includes products for both casting or spinning rods.

Reviews (9)

9 reviews for 7’3″ Heavy / Extra Fast Casting Rod

  1. Steven Lewis

    Absolutely the best frog rod I have ever used !!!!!!!!!


    You will not find a better frog rod! Super sensitive and super light as all Impulse Rods are.

  3. Bill Murdock

    This is an extremely versatile rod! Frogs, swim jigs, football jigs, Texas rigs! I need more!

  4. Eddie Payne

    I’ve got 3 of them, enough said! Love flipping with them, may have to get one more.

  5. Derek

    Love this rod for football jigs

  6. Josh Fulks

    Froggin or Flippin this rod does it all. Love this thing!

  7. Dan Onstot

    My favorite rod in my arsenal. Super versatile and the action on it is amazing!

  8. Jammy Furr

    Versatile, can be used in many applications, very sensitive, perfect balance,

  9. Lance Reynolds

    From the other reviews you can see this is definitely a versatile rod. But for me this is my dedicated frog rod! Couldn’t agree more with the above reviews that it is absolutely the best frog rod I’ve ever used! I had Lance and the guys cut mine down to 6’10” because I feel I’m more accurate with shorter rods. The tip on this rod is absolutely perfect! It will cast smaller lighter frogs extreme distances and makes the walking action so much easier! The backbone on this rod is insane and allows you to get them out of any type of cover you could dream up! This is definitely one of my favorite rods as I can never get enough frog fishing! Thanks again Impulse!

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