Saltwater Spinnerbait Fishing Rods

The spinnerbait, a lure that some only ­associate with ­freshwater bass fishing, Is a great tool for avid saltwater anglers. Not only does it catch redfish in a number of ­situations, it allows for tinkering and tweaking. Spinnerbaits for salt water, unlike the type used in lakes and rivers, lack a permanently affixed weighted head opposite the blade. Instead, a safety pin-style clip or a split ring connects the metal arm holding the blade to a lead-head with a soft-plastic body or similar weighted lure, adding a realistic look, feel and swimming action to the flashy custom jewelry making a fuss an inch or two above it.


Featured Rod: Salt Series 7’ Medium Casting Rod

The Impulse Salt Series puts exceptional performance rods in your hands at an affordable price. The 7′ Medium Casting Rod from our Salt Series is a must-have in your arsenal. If you are only going to carry one rod, the SS70M is the one. This incredibly versatile rod is great in the boat or while you are wading, Whether you are fishing for trout, reds, or flounder. whether you want to throw a topwater as far as possible or soft plastics on a jig or popping cork. This rod is sure to be one of your favorites.

Tips for fishing saltwater spinnerbaits. . .

  • A slow retrieve draws strikes when the water is dirty and visibility is poor.
  • Baitcasting rods are a top choice ­because of the provided accuracy.
  • Prime casting waters are those with mud bottoms or dark-­colored water.
  • Colorado blades give off a lot more water displacement, letting the fish know you’re coming.
  • Indiana blades work for a variety of retrieval speeds.