Impulse Deep Water Carolina Rig Fishing Rods For Bass

Deep Water Carolina Rig Rods

Impulse deep water Carolina rig fishing rods for bass are designed for baitcasting reels. Our deep water Carolina rig fishing rods are offered in medium to heavy, rod actions from moderate to X-fast and rod lengths from 7' to 7' 9". Retrieve your deep water Carolina rigs with a rod you can trust, get your Impulse Rods today!

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While all of the rods listed below are well suited to throw a heavy Carolina rig in deep water, Impulse Rods top recommendation for this technique would be the 7’6″ Heavy – model IMP76H.

Featured Carolina Rig Rod: 7’6″ Heavy Casting Rod

If you are looking for the best all-around rod for throwing heavier baits from a Carolina Rig to a Swim Bait to a small Umbrella-Rig this 7’6″ Heavy action is for you. With a great parabolic bend in the moderate action, it will load perfect on every cast and help you keep the hooks in your fish while you are fighting them in.