Impulse Flutter Spoon Fishing Rods For Bass

Flutter Spoon Fishing Rods For Bass

Impulse flutter spoon fishing rods for bass are designed for baitcasting reels. Our flutter spoon fishing rods are offered in medium to heavy, rod actions from moderate to X-fast and rod lengths from 7' to 7' 6". Retrieve your flutter spoons with a rod you can trust, get your Impulse Rods today!

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Flutter spoons may have originated on the famed reservoirs of east Texas, but they’ve made their home on the Tennessee River. Check the report from almost any recent summertime tournament held on Kentucky Lake, Pickwick, or Chickamauga and you’re more than likely to see a flutter spoon playing into the success of the top finishers.

Best Flutter Spoon Fishing Rod: 7’6″ Extra Heavy Casting Rod

This 7’6″ Extra Heavy power rod will give you all the strength to throw your favorite plastics with heavier weights, without loosing any of the sensitivity needed to detect those subtle bites. The 7’6″ Extra-Heavy (IMP76XH) is FLW pro Randy Haynes top choice for throwing a flutter spoon.