Best Jerkbait Rods For Bass Fishing

Jerkbait Fishing Rods For Bass

Impulse jerkbait fishing rods for bass are designed for baitcasting reels. Our jerkbait fishing rods are offered in medium to heavy, rod actions from moderate to X-fast and rod lengths from 6' 6" to 7' 3". Retrieve your jerkbaits with a rod you can trust, get your Impulse Rods today!

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Do you go with a light, fast tip? Should it fall between a light and medium action? Is line size that big of a deal? Does your head revolve around this series of questions? If it does, you’re definitely on a hunt for one of our jerkbait rods listed below.

Best Jerkbait Fishing Rod: 6’8″ Zell Rowland Topwater Rod

This 6’8″ topwater rod was designed by Zell Rowland to throw almost any topwater bait. “If you’re looking for the greatest topwater angler of all time, look no further than Zell Rowland; just ask Rick Clunn, Roland Martin, Bill Dance, Denny Brauer and Kevin VanDam — they all said the same thing” (quote from Ken Duke of Bassmaster)


What is the best power rod for jerkbaits?

For jerkbaits, anglers will want a heavy power rod. A fishing rod with medium to medium light rod power will give you the backbone needed to most all jerkbaits.

What rod action is best for fishing jerkbaits?

Paired with a medium / medium light powered rod, a moderate / fast action is the sweet spot for fishing jerkbaits.

What rod lenght is recommended for jerkbaits?

Shorter rods that are snappy and crisp tend to be anglers favorites. Rods that are 6'6" to 6'8" are lighter, more responsive and offer better sensitivity. The Zell Rowland Signature Series Topwater Rod is also a great choice for fishing jerkbaits.