Get better at casting baitcasting reels.

Nov 18th 2023

Get better at casting baitcasting reels.

We’ve all heard the saying “Practice makes perfect”. Well unless your name makes out the initials KVD, there’s a good chance you’ll never achieve that, but it doesn’t hurt to try. If there is one thing true about practice, it will make you better. 

Whether that’s more time on the water learning about different water and how to fish it with specific lures, or just simply practicing your casting, it all comes together to improve your angling performance overall.

So, on that note, we’ve compiled some simple tips that should help make you cast further and more accurately next time you pick you your bass fishing rod.

Tips for practicing to be a better bait caster.


You’re going to need some space and a few items, these items can be anything smaller you don’t mind setting on the ground. Paper plates work great for accuracy, but if you’re looking to improve your pitching technique you may want to bring a skateboard or something that has a gap under it.


You’re going to need to go out in your front or back yard, courtyard, or local park if you live in an apartment.


You’re going to want to get some elevation. Milk crates used by kayak anglers work great. This will mimic being above the water making your casting angles more realistic.


Towards the objects that you’ve placed throughout the yard using the roll cast technique. Shorter rods around 6’ 10” are great for this type of practice.


This is a good time to try out different size baits and nail down the amount of thumb pressure needed for each weight of lure to minimize backlash.


Once you’ve become satisfied with your results you can grab a bigger rod and repeat the process.

Different lures and techniques will at times require a different casting style. Practice will help to improve your chances next time you get put in an awkward situation where other anglers might struggle. Try switching your objects up and casting distance as well.