Saltwater Topwater Fishing Rods

The Impulse Salt Series Rods are the best Topwater Rods For Saltwater Fishing around! Assembled in the USA, The Salt Series™ topwater fishing rods are technique specific to guys throwing topwater lures and our favorite on the Texas Coast, the Skitterwalk. From the Texas coast to the Florida coast, saltwater anglers are geared up with their favorite topwater lures for redfish, speckled trout, and similar inshore game fish using our Impulse Salt Series Topwater Fishing Rods.


Featured Rod: Salt Series 6’10” Medium Casting Rod

Beautifully designed for specific inshore techniques, the Impulse Salt Series puts exceptional performance rods in your hands at an affordable price. The 6’10” Medium Casting Rod from our Salt Series is perfect for inshore anglers looking for that extra edge. All Impulse Salt Series rods utilize a standard modulus graphite material with improved technology and resin systems. In turn, our blanks have been significantly refined to offer enhanced sensitivity to feel every bite and added strength for brute lifting power. These rods are killers for redfish, trout and flounder fishing techniques. Rod Specs: Medium Power, Extra Fast Action.

Tips for fishing saltwater topwater lures . . .

  • When fishing for specks and reds in calm, shallow water, walking the dog is probably your best strategy.
  • It’s possible, particularly in very calm or shallow waters, to spook fish with chuggers.
  • When fishing for aggressive or competitive fish, especially schooled in open water, poppers and chuggers win.