Impulse Flutter Spoon Fishing Rods For Bass

Lipless Crankbait Fishing Rods

If you aren’t throwing a lipless crankbait on THIS rod, your doing it wrong.

“Lipless crankbaits have a great history on my home lakes, Toledo Bend and Lake Sam Rayburn in East Texas. Arguably one of the best techniques on my home waters as well as most other Southern lakes during the Springtime. It is a very effective lure for catching big pre-spawn bass. The key is to keep covering water and make contact with the grass, trees, or bushes that you are fishing. Having the right rod to get them out of the cover is critical.” -Lance Stringer

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Best Lipless Crankbait Rod: 7'6" Medium Heavy Casting Rod

The 7’6′ Medium-Heavy is the most versatile rod in its class. We designed this rod for pulling a rattletrap through the grass. Whether you want to throw a Carolina rig, a small swim bait or a Mid-Depth Crank bait, this rod will always stay on the deck.