Impulse Frog Fishing Rods For Bass

Frog Fishing Rods

Impulse frog rods are designed for spinning reels and baitcasting reels, so you can fish the way you want. Our frog fishing rods are offered in medium to heavy, rod actions from moderate to X-fast and rod lengths from 7' to 7' 3". Retrieve your soft, hard and hollow body frog baits with a rod you can trust, get your Impulse Rods today!

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With frogs, though, your effectiveness relies a lot on your cast, and trying to cast a frog long distances over grass flats, or lily pad fields just isn’t going to go very well with a rod that is too stiff. Furthermore, factor in any wind and your casting distance shortens even more. Also, when you’re trying to cast under docks and limbs, or into small pockets along the bank, the wrong rod will destroy your accuracy. Read more on fishing frog baits here.

Best Topwater Frog Rod: 7’3″ Heavy Extra Fast Casting Rod

The IMP73HXF rod with a faster tip allows you to cast a hollow-body frog both a mile and short distances with deadly accuracy, as well as the power to bring a bass out of cover and to the boat. We guarantee you will not find a frog rod that you will like more.

Setting Up Your Frog Fishing Rod For Bass

What power rod is best for topwater frog baits?

Because you are generally fishing frog baits around pads, grass and other heavy cover, you want a rod with more backbone, which is why most anglers lean towards a heavy power rod for topwater frogs. You can however get away with some medium/medium heavy rods.

What types of frog baits work best with Impulse Rods?

Impulse Frog Rods are designed to throw hollow body, soft body and hard body frog baits. You can read more about fishing frog baits and rod selection here.

What rod length is best for frog lures?

Fishing rods from 7' to 7'3" are great for frog baits as they are short enough to allow you to pitch into thick cover but long enough to give you distance on casts in open water.

What type of cover are frog rods good for?

Frog rods excel when fishing thick cover such as lilly pads, grass, and other thick cover.

What type of line should I use for my frog rod?

Normally when using frog baits for bass, you’re planning on fishing heavy cover like lily pads or over weed mats. If you’ve got a dedicated frog fishing rod, we suggest braided line.


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