Impulse Swimbait Fishing Rods For Bass

Best Swimbait Rods For Bass

So you want to start throwing big swimbaits and your crankbait rod just isn’t cutting it, right? Crankbait rods are perfect for small swimbaits, but once you start getting in to baits eight inches or bigger its like trying to cast a brick with an ultra-lite. For these heavy swimbaits you are going to need a good swimbait rod to handle the load.

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Featured Swimbait Rod: Randy Hanes Signature Ledge Rod 7'9"

Haynes throws all the typical slow stuff such as jigs and Carolina rigs with his Signature Ledge Rod, but he also uses the rod for big spinnerbaits, swimbaits, “the old size” flutter spoons and especially likes pressing it into service for a big crankbait as well.



What is the best power for a swimbait rod?

For larger swimbaits, anglers will want a heavy power rod. A fishing rod with heavy power will give you the backbone needed to handle the weight of your swimbait.

What rod action is best for swimbaits?

Paired with a heavy powered rod, a moderate to fast action will increase casting distance and accuracy.

What length is best for swimbait fishing rods?

7' 6" to 8' fishing rods are great sized rods for fishing swimbaits. While shorter rods will work, rods between these lengths tend to be better and also favored more among swimbait anglers.

What fishing line is suggested for heavy swimbaits?

When it comes to fishing heavy swimbaits, our staff and pro anglers always suggest using heavy braid paired with a heavy leader.