Impulse Wacky Rig Fishing Rods For Bass

Impulse Texas Rig Rods For Bass Fishing

Depending on your preference for length, power and action, we guarantee you are sure to find the best Texas Rig rod right here. Impulse Texas rig fishing rods for bass are designed for spinning reels and baitcasting reels, so you can fish the way you want. Our Texas rig fishing rods are offered in medium to heavy, rod actions from moderate to fast and rod lengths from 6' 9" to 7' 6". Retrieve your Texas rigs with a rod you can trust, get your Impulse Rods today!

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Featured T-Rig Rod: 7'3" Medium Heavy Casting Rod

No rod locker is complete without this 7’3′ Medium-Heavy. The outstanding durability and sensitivity that you get with the high-modulus Toray graphite combined with a total weight of 3.7oz will have you fishing with this rod all day long and never feeling fatigued.



What size rod is best for Texas rigs?

Casting rods that fall into the 6'9" – 7'6” range with a medium-heavy to heavy power and a fast to moderate-fast taper will cover most scenarios when fishing T-rigs for bass.

What rod action is needed for Texas rigs?

As mentioned above. Fishing rods with moderate to fast action are best for Texas rigs. Since sensitivity is key when fishing T-rigs, you won't want to use x-fast action rods.

When should I use a shorter rod for Texas rigs?

If fishing in timber, pitching under limbs, into cattails or any other "close quarters" scenario, a shorter rod will be much better suited for the task.

When should I use longer rods for T-rigs?
In short, when fishing open water. The benefit to using a longer rod is more "flex" or "load" which causes a "spring like" action that helps keep slack out of the line and makes it more difficult for a fish to shake the hook free.

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