Fishing Rods By Technique

Freshwater Fishing Rods By Technique

For those new to freshwater and saltwater fishing, knowing exactly which rod to use and when to use it can seem daunting. Depending on what type of lure you plan to fish, and what species you plan to fish for will dictate which technique specific fishing rods you need.

How To Buy A Technique Specific Fishing Rod

Rod Power: Depending on which technique and style of fishing you plan to do will determine what power rod you need. The power of a rod is how much pressure it takes to bend the rod blank. Lighter powered rods bend a lot easier than heavier power rods.

Rod Action: Slower action rods will react you guessed it slower than your moderate to fast action fishing rods. Depending on what type of fish you are targeting, and what fishing lures you are using will determine what rod action you need. Note: A moderate to slow action means it bends further down in the blank. If it’s fast, it reacts quick and flexes quick in the tip.

Rod Taper: All rod tapers are not created equal. If a rod has a fast taper, it will typically have a small tip, thickening quicker into the blank for more back bone. A fast tapering rod will work well while Texas rigged, fished with Carolina rigged worms and a variety of jig presentations.